Mischa Andriessen


Mischa Andriessen is the Gemeentemuseum’s latest writer in residence. ‘I want to link the visual arts with other forms of art, like poetry’, he says. ‘My hope is that my residency at the Gemeentemuseum will create exciting links that add something to the existing work.’ Andriessen has been exploring the collection since December 2016 and has already written a number of poems.

Mischa Andriessen (b. Apeldoorn, 1970) is a poet and author. He has published three collections of poetry with publishing house De Bezige Bij: Úitzien met D (2008), Huisverraad (2012) and Dwalmgasten (2016). He was awarded the C. Buddingh Poetry Prize for his debut collection, and received both the J.C. Bloem Poetry Prize and the Charlotte Köhler Stipend for Huisverraad. His recently published Dwalmgasten was enthusiastically received by the press. Andriessen writes about art for several newspapers, including Financieele Dagblad. He has also contributed to monographs on B.C. Epker, Betsabée Romero and Hugo Tieleman. Andriessen also writes about jazz for various media, including daily newspaper Trouw. He is editor of Terras magazine.