09 September 2001 till 28 October 2001

Vojta Dukat: A Slice of Time

Vrouw bij Biljart, Vojta Dukat

Work by Hague-based photographer and filmmaker Vojta Dukat (born in Brno, Moravia, 1947) is being exhibited this autumn in the Gemeentemuseum under the title A Slice of Time. The exhibition is part of the city of The Hague's 2001 Ouborg Prize for the visual arts and is accompanied by a monetary award to the artist and a publication about his work.

Vojta Dukat has developed a photographic and cinematic oeuvre free of any trace of modishness. This is partly due to his subjects: Dukat is uninterested in political or sensational images, preferring to observe the day-to-day activities of ordinary people in their own surroundings. These are frequently located in places still untouched by 21st-century lifestyles: villages in Portugal, in the Ukraine or in his own native country. Accordingly, his photographs and films are generally shot in black and white and exude an atmosphere of intimacy and romance.