15 March 2003 till 22 June 2003

Ulrich Rückriem

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Ulrich Rückriem

The technique Rückriem uses most often is cutting and splitting stone along straight lines. Normally speaking, a sculptor throws away the stone that is cut or split off, and what remains is the sculpture. However, Rückriem joins everything back together again. The viewer sees the entire stone, and can mentally reconstruct each step of the working process. It’s made easier by the fact that Rückriem has adopted an increasingly restricted technique over the years. The cuts or splits are made vertically or horizontally, and slice through the centre of a stone, or a partially or wholly severed section of stone. And yet a great many variations are possible. In Rückriem’s approach, the reduced system of cutting and splitting is an engine that generates art. He has tried to chart all the possibilities in a series of drawings, coming up with 560 variations, most of which were never executed. The drawings of these 560 variations are presented thematically in this exhibition. They reveal the conceptual basis of Ulrich Rückriem’s oeuvre.

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