06 October 2001 till 28 October 2001

The Royal Subsidy

Persbeeld tentoonstelling De koninklijke subsidie

Queen Beatrix has recently presented Sara van der Heide, Peter Brenner, Rezi van Lankveld and Marcelino Stuhmer with this year's Royal Subsidy for Painting. Works by the recipients of the Subsidy are normally exhibited in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Because that building is currently under restoration, the show is this year for the first time being held at the Gemeentemuseum.

As Queen Beatrix remarked during her speech at the opening of the exhibition, this is a venue where "these outstanding young representatives of the contemporary art world will find painters with whom they have a greater affinity, such as Piet Mondrian and Charley Toorop". Apart from the work of the prize-winners, the show also includes paintings by the twenty runners-up. These days, paint is far from being the only material used by young artists. The painters in this exhibition also make exciting and effective use of string, coffee, synthetic resin and glitter to produce a varied and lively exhibition.