12 November 2011 till 25 March 2012


Dollhouses and more in miniature

Dollhouses are a serious matter in the 17th and 18th centuries. Sometimes wealthy spend much money on this expensive hobby as their own home. In XXSmall is the history of interior design can be seen in ceremonial dolls from the 17th century to contemporary miniature houses, decorated in modern design.

The fascination for the world in miniature of all time. Already in the ancient Chinese and Greek objects were made in miniature. Nothing so arouses the astonishment in a recreated to perfection in gold dinnerware that fits in a cherry. And nothing speaks to the imagination like an old doll that is fully furnished making it live in times gone completely to life.

Silver thumbnails

The starting point of the exhibition is one of the best kept dolls in the Netherlands that Sarah Rothe from around 1745 from the collection of the Gemeentemuseum. The beautiful cabinet dollhouse attracts many visitors and students who admiring the detailed design to rooms full of pomp and circumstance. Silver miniatures in the exhibition get extra attention with a literally beautiful arrangement in a private room and a separate publication.


The exhibition is not only an eye for the Dutch living culture. Also, for example, a German, an English and an Italian doll to see and a Japanese cuisine and a Chinese temple. The interesting thing about the typical 18-century British house is that it is an exact copy of a - still - existing building, namely King Street 27 King's Lynn. The small palace Palazzina Giocattolo from Bologna is pleasing to the eye with his flamboyant ceiling paintings and the elegant furnishings of typical Italian style. Another highlight is the fully dressed farm Princess Juliana got from her parents for her second birthday. This could they playfully learn about farm life.


Special of the exhibition is that the houses be combined with dolls, and clothing from the same period or in the same theme. For the first time attention to beautiful, hitherto unknown ancient dolls from many collections.

Twentieth century

The modern era is well represented by an ADO doll room in the design of De Stijl, a fifties model house and a doll to Gerrit Rietveld. Furthermore, the thumbnails of votes design by Vitra chairs to see next in miniature work of Dutch designers and dolls handmade by Victor & Rolf couture clothing.

Miniature museum

In a small miniature museum hang original paintings or drawings of the most important artists of the twentieth century, including Sol LeWitt, Damien Hirst and Louise Bourgeois. XXSmall is an exhibition where young and old are entrained in a model world of past and present.


The exhibition is a richly illustrated catalog with contributions from Jet Pijzel - Dommisse and Daisy Hohe (W Books € 27.95). It also appears the Dutch edition silver miniatures from the 17th and 18th century by John Endlich (W books € 29.95). The Tjong King and Anna Woltz wrote and illustrated the children's art book exciting night in the dollhouse for children from 4 years (Publisher Leopold € 13.95).

The exhibition is made possible by the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund and managed by them, Margarethe Petronella Fund and the Van der Vossen-Delbrück Fund.