30 June 2017 till 10 September 2017

Royden Rabinowitch

Handed Manifolds

Royden Rabinowitch, 7 Manifold in 10 Locations with Varied Handed Additions, 1986, cut, folded and oiled steel, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Sculptor Royden Rabinowitch (b. 1943, Toronto) folds and bends steel plates into metal sculptures. The exhibition Handed Manifolds shows his work 7 Manifold in 10 Locations with Varied Handed Additions, which consists of ten plates. The steel has been cut into an irregular shape and folded by hand. The ‘7’ in the title refers to the number of folds in each plate.

A residual image of the cut has been welded into each plate. Each one is a different shape, giving each of the otherwise identical plates its own identity. The different orientations of the plates in the space and their positions relative to the viewer make for an ever-changing experience of the same thing in repetition. Or, in the words of the artist, intuitive faith in an unambiguous world view is constantly undermined when one repeatedly experiences the same thing as different. Proof of the consistency of our experience, including over time, is therefore ultimately a matter of belief in the unknown.