29 September 2002 till 08 December 2002

Rob van Koningsbruggen


Persbeeld tentoonstelling Rob van Koningsbruggen: overzichtstentoonstelling

From 29 September, the Gemeentemuseum will present a major retrospective of the work of Rob van Koningsbruggen (The Hague, 1948), one of the most individual Dutch artists of recent decades.

Perversity is a major feature of his work, a permanent and ever-present undercurrent. For this reason, it is impossible to pigeon-hole Van Koningsbruggen in any of the normal categories of formal, abstract art or Nieuwe Schilderen (New Painting) - a reason in itself to devote a major exhibition to this exemplary figure for younger artists. For the only constant factor in over thirty years of work has remained, despite the flood of new media over the decades, his unshakeable belief in the vitality of painting as an art form.

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