22 November 2003 till 15 February 2004

Projects Gallery: Malachi Farrell

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Projectenzaal: Malachi Farrell

Malachi Farrell’s room-size installations are reminiscent of the kinetic machines devised by Jean Tinguely. But whereas the purpose of Tinguely’s machines was primarily aesthetic, Farrell endows his with a political and social message, raising issues like the assault on Rodney King by the LA police, the US public’s fondness for the military, the culture of American television and the death penalty. This political commentary is never devoid of humour, low culture and sound. Although Farrell lives in France, he attended the Amsterdam Academy in 1994-95, where one of his teachers was Daniel Buren. This is the first time his work has been exhibited in a Dutch museum.

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