27 April 2013 till 18 August 2013

Martin Gerwers

Projects Gallery

Martin Gerwers
Martin Gerwers (b. Velen, Germany) paints the experience of looking at art. His works show what happens to the viewer when he or she looks at a sculpture or painting. As he creates them, he reflects on how the viewer looks at the work of art. Gerwers creates irregular, folded paintings and sculptures, which he hangs on the wall or positions free-standing in space. Each of these three-dimensional objects incorporates a secret or illusion. After all, it can be viewed from only one side at a time.

When preparing new work, Gerwers experiments by folding paper to produce scale models. This enables him to search for the right composition, which he will later use colour to accentuate. This spring at the Gemeentemuseum, the artist is creating a site-specific installation to be called after the space in which it will be exhibited: the Projects Gallery.  

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