28 November 2003 till 15 February 2004

Marc Ruygrok Waar is hier / Where is here

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Marc Ruygrok - Waar is hier

Since the beginning of the 1980s, letters, words and short sentences have provided the artist Marc Ruygrok (1953) with the building blocks of his work. A typical feature of this visual syntax is his predilection for elementary geometric forms: circles, squares, spheres and cubes. For more than 20 years Ruygrok has been drawing, building and photographing these images which now constitute his own vocabulary in every sense. During the last 15 years the emphasis has in varying degrees been on monumental spatial work specially made for particular sites. This often consists of three-dimensional letters that combine to form phrases or words. Besides the pictorial, visual qualities of these large works, the words immediately conjure up associations. In their monumental application, his spatial linguistic sculptures have a special bond with the sites they occupy, in that their enigmatic nature reveals, intimates or enables a deeper meaning.

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