17 May 2002 till 07 July 2002

I, you, we

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Ik, jij, wij. Elf verhalen over identiteit

Each year since 1997 a group of secondary school pupils has put together an exhibition at the Volksbuurtmuseum. They display their own paintings and written work, together with items from the collections of the Gemeentemuseum which seem to them to relate in some way to their own ideas. They also explain their choices in texts. This year, eleven third-year pupils from the Hofstad Heldring school express their thoughts on the theme of 'identity': What makes me who I am? Has my family shaped my identity? How important are my peers? Is my cultural background decisive or do my individual talents make me unique?

Apart from pieces by a handful of contemporary artists like Leon Adriaans and Tomás Raijlich, the pupils have selected works by artists connected with the Hague School (Jozef and Isaac Israëls, George Breitner and Suze Robertson) and paintings by a group of Dutch artists surrounding Jacoba van Heemskerck, Piet Mondrian, Jan Sluijters and Jacob Bendien. In addition to paintings, the exhibition also includes decorative and utilitarian objects from the Applied Arts collection, works from the Print Room collection, a number of musical instruments and some accessories from the Fashion collection.

Location: Volksbuurtmuseum, Hobbemastraat 120, The Hague
Open: Wednesday - Sunday 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

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