31 January 2004 till 12 September 2004

Hague School

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Haagse School

A new presentation of works from the Gemeentemuseum’s 19th-century Hague School collection, now back in the museum following a tour of venues outside the Netherlands. The new selection on display illustrates the theme of 19th-century open-air landscape painting in the Netherlands. A key innovations in the art of the 19th century was the idea of going out into the countryside to make oil paintings in the open air. Of course, artists of previous generations – Rembrandt, for example – had produced sketches out of doors, but for them the sketch was no more than an initial idea for a picture to be painted in the studio. In the 19th century, there was a growing realisation that artists could learn a great deal by working directly from nature. And landscape painting gradually came to be seen as an important genre.

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