22 September 2001 till 02 December 2001

Gerard Fieret, Paul Kooiker, Arno Nollen

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Gerard Fieret, Paul Kooiker, Arno Nollen

This first ever exhibition in the Photographic Gallery of the Gemeentemuseum is of work by Gerard Fieret, Arno Nollen and Paul Kooiker: three photographers who all demonstrate an almost surreal craving for women. Fieret (1924) produced spontaneous photographs without adornment, studied poses or artistic lighting. By contrast, Arno Nollen (1964) shows a keen awareness of details like lighting, pose, framing and composition. He deliberately controls and colours the way the viewer looks at the photograph. Paul Kooiker (1964) seems at first sight to occupy the middle ground between the spontaneity of Fieret and the carefully considered poses and settings of Nollen.

However, closer scrutiny reveals that backgrounds, models and poses are selected with great precision. The exhibition has been composed by guest curator Willem van Zoetendaal, who will adopt a similarly thematic approach in organising a series of future exhibitions in the Photographic Gallery.