23 March 2013 till 10 November 2013

Geert Lap and Leen Quist

Minimalist Ceramics

Lap en Quist
This presentation marks last year’s major donation to the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag of a fine collection of porcelain boxes, bowls and dishes by artist Leen Quist (b. 1942). The collection was put together and donated by José and Wil Roef-van Hest. Like Geert Lap’s (b. 1951) hand-thrown ceramic forms, Quist’s unique thrown pieces exhibit an extreme perfection that gives the impression of having been produced industrially. Both artists have produced virtually timeless, consistent and homogenous oeuvres that reveal a perfect mastery of their craft and a perfect feel for form and decoration.

To coincide with this exhibition, the current issue of Vormen uit vuur includes an article entitled ‘Leen Quist: meester van de eenvoud’. The magazine is for sale in the museum shop.