14 November 2009 till 11 April 2010

Eating and Drinking in the Period Rooms

Persbeeld tentoonstelling eten en drinken

Aprons from the fashion collection, a vegetable cart painted by Isaac Israels, a tea cosy designed by Piet Zwart and a chip fork photographed by Niels Schumm. Following the successful birdwatching and night exhibitions, this new thematic show in the period rooms from 14 November is all about eating and drinking. The various splendidly decorated interiors will be enlivened by tasteful displays illustrating themes like the kitchen, picnicking, camping and the market.

The presentation will feature a huge range of objects from the collections of the Gemeentemuseum. It will show visitors not just Piet Zwart’s Bruynzeel kitchen, but also his publicity for culinary products such as mussels. There will be period advertisements for cocoa and coffee and various still life paintings showing vegetables, fish and table settings. All these exhibits will be presented in a new and exciting way. The associated self-guided tour for youngsters, Chomping and slurping, will lead visitors and their children or grandchildren to the highlights of the show, in the process providing all sorts of interesting information about eating, drinking, table manners and even art!  

Three decorative arts exhibitions that have close connections with the umbrella theme of eating and drinking are to open simultaneously in the galleries adjacent to the period rooms. Delftsaardewerk.nl, an exhibition in honour of the new website www.delftsaardewerk.nl, will give visitors a trip on the digital superhighway and show them a selection of blue Delft vases and tableware. Silver is Served will offer a display of outstanding 18th-century Hague silver, including a marvellous collection assembled by the well-known silver expert and collector Mr. J.W. Frederiks (1889-1962) and recently presented to the museum by the ING bank on long-term loan. These important pieces, including a fish dish, sugar casters, candlesticks and serving trays, will be supplemented by pitchers and cutlery once used by Frederiks himself and by his father J.A. Frederiks, which were already in the museum’s collection.

Finally, an exhibition entitled The Wonderful World of Czechoslovakian Glass Art is being held in honour of the great glass collector Sam Jonker. Having earlier this year been presented with Jonker’s impressive collection on long-term loan, the Gemeentemuseum is keen to show it off to visitors. The optical glass objects, an art form that flourished in the former Czechoslovakia with Václav Cígler as its foremost exponent, will amaze and delight visitors by their play of light, colour and reflections.

The Gemeentemuseum plans to hold two family days on the theme of eating and drinking during the Christmas holidays. On Sunday 20 December 2009 and Sunday 3 January 2010 there will be a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages, enabling them to do everything from painting ceramics to attending talks in the lecture theatre or using their imaginations to design their own weird and wonderful Christmas dinners.

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