10 November 2001 till 10 February 2002

Dutch Domesticity:Depictions of the Dutch interior 1600-1900

Persbeeld tentoonstelling De Hollanders thuis: Het Nederlandse interieur in beeld 1600-1900

How did people in past centuries cook, eat and sleep in the Netherlands, and where did they work and receive their guests? In short, what were Dutch homes like at that time? This autumn the Gemeentemuseum is presenting a major exhibition about the Dutch interior.

A selection of 180 paintings, prints and drawings by artists like Pieter de Hoogh, Emanuel de Witte, Matthijs Naiveu, Cornelis Troost and Tibout Regters will give visitors a vivid impression of how Dutch people lived their lives in the past. The works of art depict empty interiors as well as families in realistic domestic settings, and include interior designs intended to be used by ordinary middle-class people in furnishing their homes. Material of this kind is still regularly consulted by interior design professionals because of the reliable picture it gives of Dutch homes down the centuries. The exhibition will be arranged thematically to illustrate the different areas within the Dutch middle-class home. It will also include design drawings commissioned by royalty from Daniël Marot (Paleis Het Loo), Pieter Post (the Mauritshuis) and Jacob van Campen.