Chambers of Wonder

Closed temporarlily

Please note: due to renovation work Wonderkamers will temporarily be closed to the public starting from 9 July 2018.

A glamorous appearance on the catwalk, glittering on the cover of a fashion magazine or dancing on an interactive floor? Together with your (grand-) children you are invited to play an exciting game and discover the beautiful collection in Wonderkamers of the Gemeentemuseum. Be surprised by a unique blend of art, storytelling, gaming and entertainment, with challenges for the whole family.

In Wonderkamers you or your (grand-) child will be able to become a museum director for one day. The adventure begins with a film in which director Benno Tempel asks for your help to design the "Magic Middle", a special building full of small works of art by top artists. You will then be sent off in pairs with a tablet in hand.

Organise your own exhibition

You will be guided past thirteen spectacularly decorated rooms where various works of art from the collections of visual arts, applied arts and fashion come to life. Along the way you will perform a number of assignments, ranging from fitting real period costumes to dancing the boogie woogie on an interactive floor, and from drawing a Berlage design to laying a table according to traditional etiquette.

The more assignments you successfully complete, the more points you will score. Use those points to shop to your heart's content in the Wonderkamers depot. And finally, you put together your own exhibition, using the works of art of your choice. You decide on the colour of the wall, the incidence of light, as well as the size of the display cabinet and the bench. When it is all done, director Benno Tempel comes in for a quick look. And who knows, you may be the next curator for his museum!

The perfect day out for the whole family: educational, exciting, fun and above all, no admission fee for children

For everyone who is young at heart

Back home, the party is not over yet. Go to the Wonderkamers website to show off the museum gallery or the cover of a fashion magazine you designed. Wonderkamers is fun for everyone who is young at heart, but most of all for children aged 9 to 18.

Wonderkamers is a collaboration project with Kossmann, De Jong and Kiss the Frog, and supported by the Mondrian Fund, BankGiro Lottery, SNS Reaal Fund, Cultural Participation Fund, Fonds 1818, Wecycle and Samsung. Wonderkamers has scooped numerous international awards, including a Dutch Game Award, International Design Award and a THEA Award - the largest international prize for amusement and theme parks.

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