27 November 2010 till 13 February 2011

Auke de Vries. Nests

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Auke de Vries

Internationally, Auke de Vries is the Netherlands’ best-known sculptor, at least in the sphere of public art. The Hague has several eye-catching examples of his work, for example opposite platform three at Hollands Spoor Station, outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in front of the World Forum. Unlike art works in museums, public art is usually produced on commission.

But Auke de Vries makes a habit of inventing commissions for himself. His Nests series, for example, was prompted by an imaginary commission for what De Vries sees as the ‘perfect building’: Ben van Berkel’s Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. By reflecting on his work as he is making it, Auke de Vries finds himself ever further removed from his point of departure. This process has led him to create three huge Nests which do not stand – as sculptures usually do – but hang from the ceiling. Exhibited earlier at Museum Wiesbaden, from 27 November they will form the key feature of a spectacular installation specially designed for the Projects Gallery at the Gemeentemuseum.