21 April 2018 till 28 October 2018

Art Nouveau in The Netherlands

Theo Nieuwenhuis (1866-1951) Kalenderblad juni 1898 (detail), 1897 Litho op papier, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

This exhibition will include a multitude of masterpieces from the 1884-1914 period, in fields ranging from drawing and painting to furniture, textiles, ceramics, and fashion. Around 1900, Dutch Art Nouveau occupied a unique niche within the international movement; Dutch designers and makers (in both the fine and the decorative arts) arrived at their own variant of Art Nouveau which, unlike the flamboyant French and Belgian style, was designed to appeal to the supposedly down-to-earth mentality of their home audience. Under headings like ‘back to nature’, ‘return to handcraftsmanship’ and ‘exoticism’, the exhibition will place the various artistic disciplines in the context of the period. In addition, it will expand and deepen the customary picture of the Art Nouveau movement in the Netherlands by including work by a number of hitherto unknown artists (some of them women).

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