06 July 2002 till 01 September 2002

A Selection from the Erasmus Collection

Persbeeld tentoonstelling Een keus uit de Erasmus Collectie Baselitz, Lüpertz en Penck in het prentenkabinet

The Print Room's summer exhibition features drawings by three German artists: Georg Baselitz, Markus Lüpertz and A.R. Penck. The items on show are from the Erasmus Collection, a major collection on loan to the Gemeentemuseum.

Baselitz, Penck and Lüpertz belong to a group of German painters who became known as Die neue Wilden. Opposing what they saw as the overwhelming dominance of the abstract expressionism of modern American art, they traced their own roots back to the tradition of European painting and in particular German Expressionism. The Neue Wilden broke the taboo on figurative painting and did not shrink from addressing emotionally charged motifs like the eagle, the military and precepts drawn from Social Realism (the 'modern' art of their youth). They sought to reinterpret these in pictures which were often harsh and painful.

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