10 November 2001 till 02 February 2002

A barbarian in The Hague, Jan Cremer in (period) style

Persbeeld tentoonstelling In Den Haag woont een barbaar de stijl(kamers) van Jan Cremer

The gold leather room and the Gobelin tapestry room of the Gemeentemuseum are about to undergo a complete metamorphosis. As are the Japanese room, the Louis Quinze room, the stucco-work room and the Van Strij room. All are being temporarily transformed by artist/writer Jan Cremer in an exhibition inspired by the 1958-1963 period, when he lived and worked in The Hague.

The title of the exhibition is prompted by a 1959 newspaper headline referring to a previous show by the then youthful Cremer and calling him 'a barbarian living in The Hague'. The walls of the period rooms are of such historical value that they may not be touched. But this will not stop Jan Cremer from using the rooms to conjure up the atmosphere of this key period in his life. Using works by artists like Willem Hussem (1900-1974), George Lampe (1921-1982), Paul Citroen (1896-1983), Bram Bogart (1921), Kees van Bohemen (1928-1985) and Lotti van der Gaag (1923-1999), he will demonstrate the influences underlying his own artistic development. Cremer's own work will, of course, also be represented.