ontwerp Chris Wegerif [1859-1920]; uitvoering Arts and Crafts (meubelen); uitvoering batikatelier Agathe Wegerif-Gravestein (bekleding); voor de familie Hannema-de Stuers

Suite of living room furniture consisting of a sofa, armchair and footstools with batiked rib cord cotton, stove and fireplace surround. Upholstery and carving both featuring red cabbage cross-section motif.

dresser: height 230 cm; width 68 cm
sofa: height 106 cm; width 187 cm; depth 83 cm
armchair: height 122 cm; width 65 cm; depth 65 cm
footstools: height 13 cm; width 42 cm; depth 26 cm
teak, ebony with carving and batiked rib cord cotton upholstery
Production place
The Hague ; Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)
Object number
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag