Worldwide Escher exhibition in Rio de Janeiro daily the busiest!


The Art Paper brought news that in 2011 the exhibition "The magical world of MC Escher "(O Mundo Mágico the ESCHER) organized by the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in cooperation with Escher Museum and the MC Escher Foundation 9,700 daily visitors attracted! That makes this exhibition the world's best visited if one looks at the number of visitors per day.

The exhibition was in Brazil in three different cities in the total seen by 573,691 visitors. There have been exhibitions that attracted more visitors, but never so much on a daily basis, according to The Art Paper. The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil organized two exhibitions in the top ten most visited exhibitions occur.

Escher Museum is proud to have on in the realization of this exhibition has intensively worked with Peter Tjabbes of the Brazilian Art Unlimited which the substantive concept of O Mundo Mágico the ESCHER care.