Upcoming exhibitions

  • Alice Neel

    Expected from Nov-05-2016

    This first ever Dutch exhibition of Alice Neel’s impressively intimate works will include around seventy of her works. Neel is above all a portrait... more

  • Karel Appel

    Expected from Jan-16-2016 until May-16-2016

    Internationally, Karel Appel is perhaps the most renowned Dutch artist of the latter half of the twentieth century. In 2016 it will be ten years... more

  • Jan Toorop

    Expected from Feb-26-2016 until May-29-2016

    Jan Toorop is among the most renowned Symbolist painters produced by the Netherlands. But fewer people know that he worked in a far wider range of... more

  • Constant – New Babylon

    Expected from May-28-2016 until Sep-25-2016

    ‘I am not a designer but a provocateur; I just make suggestions. The concept of New Babylon has been established, not its physical form’.... more