Upcoming exhibitions

  • Alice Neel

    Expected from Nov-05-2016

    This first ever Dutch exhibition of Alice Neel’s impressively intimate works will include around seventy of her works. Neel is above all a portrait... more

  • Karel Appel

    Expected from Jan-16-2016 until May-16-2016

    Internationally, Karel Appel is perhaps the most renowned Dutch artist of the latter half of the twentieth century. In 2016 it will be ten years... more

  • Jan Toorop

    Expected from Feb-26-2016 until May-29-2016

    Jan Toorop is among the most renowned Symbolist painters produced by the Netherlands. But fewer people know that he worked in a far wider range of... more

  • Constant – New Babylon

    Expected from May-28-2016 until Sep-25-2016

    ‘I am not a designer but a provocateur; I just make suggestions. The concept of New Babylon has been established, not its physical form’.... more


    On 27 November 2015, artist Christie van der Haak will be awarded the Ouborg Prize 2015 in recognition of her extensive and varied oeuvre. The... more