Current exhibitions

  • Ode to Dutch fashion

    Now until Feb-07-2016

    Nog nooit eerder is er in Nederland zo’n groot overzicht van de Nederlandse modegeschiedenis gepresenteerd. more

  • Dinner's ready!

    Now until Feb-07-2016

    At a dinner party, seated around a table beautifully laid with splendid porcelain and silverware, glittering crystal and extravagant centre-pieces,... more

  • Dutch Dining

    Now until Feb-28-2016

    Fine dining is a form of sensory seduction. It operates not only via the taste buds, but also via the visual appeal of the food and table setting.... more

  • Bouke de Vries

    Now until Feb-28-2016

    A nuclear bomb seems to have been dropped in this installation by artist Bouke de Vries. The eight-metre table, with a mushroom cloud as its... more

  • Wonderkamers



    A new interactive display offers a fresh and entertaining introduction to fine art. more

  • Delicato

    Now until Feb-28-2016

    Sparkling colours and gossamer lines – the glassblowers, potters and ceramic painters of the Italian Renaissance produced the most marvellous... more

  • Mondriaan & de Stijl


    Without De Stijl the homes and streets and the very cityscapes of the western world would have looked very different. And even today the group that grew up around Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg continues to inspire artists, designers and architects. more

  • Discover the modern


    Experience the personal side of art with Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Francis Bacon, Constant, Louise Bourgeois and many more. more

  • Delftware Wonderware


    One of the most wonderful and grandest collections of Delftware is finally on display in an atmospheric exhibition. more

  • A vase for the Princess


    Dutch delftware as a source of inspiration for new children's art book: an entertaining picture book about two little mice. more

  • French ceramics 1875 – 1945

    Now until Apr-03-2016

    The late 19th and early 20th century was a veritable Golden Age for French ceramics. In the 1890s, the position of France was unique: the country... more

  • Karel Appel

    Now until May-16-2016

    Internationally, Karel Appel (1921-2006) is perhaps the most renowned Dutch artist of the latter half of the twentieth century. In 2016 it will be... more

  • Space as portraiture

    Now until Jul-03-2016

    Long corridors, cluttered studios and rooms devoid of human presence. Empty interiors are the subject of this latest presentation in the Vincent ... more

  • KAREL APPEL uit de kapperszaak in de Dapperstraat

    Now until May-16-2016

    Karel Appel, one of the most renowned and colourful artists the Netherlands has ever produced, is the star of the latest children’s art book by... more

  • Past and Forgotten

    Now until May-16-2016

    The early years of the nineteenth century were a time of sweeping change in the Dutch art world. Following France’s annexation of the Netherlands,... more

  • Jesse Wine

    Now until May-16-2016

    Young Man Red is an installation that recalls not only Alexander Calder’s mobiles, but also the work of Karel Appel and of De Stijl. Jesse Wine (b... more