Exhibitions archive

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Glas(s)


    Ended on 11/01/2009

    The Glass Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy is unique in both national and international terms and can be regarded as one of the most... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Glinsterend Glas

    Glittering Glass

    Ended on 11/01/2009

    The Gemeentemuseum has always collected glass and its targeted acquisitions policies have made its unique collection one of the most important in... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Gè-Karel van der Sterren

    Gé-Karel van der Sterren

    Ended on 10/25/2009

    Fourteen metres long and almost three metres high, the immense painting created by Gé-Karel van der Sterren for the Projects Gallery of the... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling De schone slaapster

    Sleeping Beauty

    Ended on 09/20/2009

    Flaming June, the glorious canvas painted by Frederic Leighton (1830-1896) in around 1895, and five fabulous pictures by Edward Burne-Jones (1833... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Günter Brus

    Günter Brus

    Ended on 09/15/2009

    His provocative actions of the 1960s caused chaos and violent indignation in the narrow-minded, religious, conservative Austria of the period.... more

  • More than colour

    Ended on 09/06/2009

    It started in the late nineteenth century: an unprecedented explosion of colour used in a completely innovative way. In France, the artists, who... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Frank Gerritz

    Frank Gerritz

    Ended on 07/05/2009

    The Minimal = More exhibition held at the Gemeentemuseum earlier this year included a 2002 work entitled Coded Language, Hardliner by German artist... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Liefde! Kunst! Passie!

    Love! Art! Passion!

    Ended on 06/01/2009

    Love, art and passion are the key focuses of this major exhibition featuring 17 famous artist couples like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Camille... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Christian Schad

    Christian Schad

    Ended on 05/10/2009

    This winter the Gemeentemuseum is proud to present the first ever Dutch retrospective of work by Christian Schad (1894-1982), a key figures in the... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Atelier Ossip

    Atelier Ossip

    Ended on 04/13/2009

    The Dutch artist Ossip (The Hague, 1952) constructs a replica of his own studio in the Projects Gallery of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Visitors... more