Exhibitions archive

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Belgardo-Parijs: Meesterwerken uit het Nationaal Museum in Belgrado

    Masterpieces from the National Museum in Belgrade

    Ended on 08/22/2004

    Masterpieces from the National Museum in Belgrade including items by world-famous artists like Archipenko, Bonnard, Corot, Degas, Delaunay, Denis,... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling De dag van Hodler

    Hodler’s Day

    Ended on 08/08/2004

    Presentation revolving around a painting entitled Day by Swiss Symbolist artist Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918).... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Klimt Schiele Klee - Wotruba en de avant-garde

    Klimt Schiele Klee – Wotruba and the avant-garde

    Ended on 07/04/2004

    Turn of the century Vienna brought to life in a major exhibition of 20th-century avant-garde art, including work by Viennese artists Klimt, Schiele... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Rosemin Hendriks

    Rosemin Hendriks

    Ended on 06/27/2004

    Rosemin Hendriks (Velp, 1968) uses faces – generally her own – as the starting point for her works. Each face is drawn, in mainly linear fashion,... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Projektenzaal: Jochen Niessen

    Projects Gallery: Jochen Niessen

    Ended on 06/06/2004

    German artist Jochen Niessen (b. 1959) dramatically reverses the traditional process of painting: he applies the paint first and only then proceeds... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Van Corot tot Cezanne De natuur als atelier

    From Corot to Cézanne Nature as the artist’s studio

    Ended on 05/09/2004

    The exhibition From Corot to Cézanne - Nature as the artist’s studio reveals an evolution in 19th-century landscape painting which was to prove... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Gary Lang

    Gary Lang

    Ended on 03/28/2004

    Work by American artist Gary Lang (b. Los Angeles, 1950) has been seen earlier at the Gemeentemuseum. He had a show in the museum’s Projects... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Een feest voor het oog: presentatie van de collectie muziekinstrumenten

    A feast for the eye: presentation of the museum's collection of musical instruments

    Ended on 03/21/2004

    A presentation of approx. 800 musical instruments from the collection of the Gemeentemuseum (the only such publicly owned collection in the... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Van dieren, dorpen en landschappen Paula Modersohn-Becker, Edzard Koning, Dick Ket, Jan Mankes en Julie de Graag

    Print Room: Animals, Villages and Landscapes

    Ended on 03/14/2004

    Over the coming months, visitors to the Print Room exhibition areas of the Gemeentemuseum will have the chance to relive the days of yesteryear. In... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Projectenzaal: Malachi Farrell

    Projects Gallery: Malachi Farrell

    Ended on 02/15/2004

    Malachi Farrell’s room-size installations are reminiscent of the kinetic machines devised by Jean Tinguely. But whereas the purpose of Tinguely’s... more