Tentoonstellingen archief

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Pablo Picasso

    Pablo Picasso

    Feb-05-2011 until Sep-04-2011

    Pablo Picasso was perhaps the greatest artist of the twentieth century. His constant stylistic innovations at crucial points of his career – the... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Robbie Cornelissen

    Robbie Cornelissen

    Feb-19-2011 until May-22-2011

    Using only a pencil, Robbie Cornelissen (b. 1954) has filled three enormous sheets of paper with drawings, creating a work 13.2 metres long and 2.4... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling James Ensor

    James Ensor

    Mar-12-2011 until Jun-13-2011

    The powerful oeuvre of Belgian Expressionist James Ensor (1860-1949) is a complete masquerade: a crazy procession of grotesque figures, masked... more

  • A Romantic View

    Mar-26-2011 until Jun-05-2011

    Think of 19th-century Romantic painting and you think of artists like Caspar David Friedrich, Eugène Delacroix and William Turner, who produced... more

  • Sovereign Splendour

    Apr-16-2011 until Oct-23-2011

    Only the best was ever good enough for the court of imperial China. It had its own special factories using the highest quality porcelain, the most... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Brian Clarke

    Brian Clarke

    May-28-2011 until Aug-14-2011

    When Brian Clarke (b. Oldham, Lancashire, 1953) looks around, he sees a world of lines. He has drawn constantly ever since he was a child and he r... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Markus Lupertz

    Markus Lüpertz

    Jun-25-2011 until Oct-02-2011

    ‘Artists have helped God create the world’... more

  • Keepvogel en kijkvogel

    Jul-02-2011 until Oct-30-2011

    Last year, the Gemeentemuseum and publishers Leopold launched a special series of children’s art books. As they appear, each book is the subject of... more

  • Summer Expo 2011

    Jul-09-2011 until Aug-21-2011

    A new tradition is being created within the Dutch Art World! It is in close cooperation with Gemeentemuseum Den Haag that the Artworlds Foundation... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Günter Tuzina

    Günter Tuzina

    Aug-20-2011 until Nov-13-2011

    Close ties... more