Exhibitions archive

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling De Ouborg Prijs 2005

    The Ouborg Prize 2005

    Ended on 02/12/2006

    The Ouborg Prize is awarded in alternate years to a Hague artist producing work of both local and national importance. Named after Hague artist... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Finse kunst rond 1900

    Finnish Art around 1900

    Ended on 01/29/2006

    This autumn, with over a hundred masterpieces of Finnish Symbolist and Expressionist art from the period around 1900, the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Haags goud en zilver

    Hague Gold and Silver

    Ended on 01/08/2006

    As the location of the courts of Dutch stadholders and monarchs, the seat of the States General and the home of countless prominent Dutch families... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling En Vogue! Mode uit Frankrijk en Nederland in de 18de eeuw

    En Vogue! 18th-century fashions from France and the Netherlands

    Ended on 12/04/2005

    Vibrant silks, flowing satins, rich woollen damasks, baroque floral motifs, gold and silver brocade ... 18th-century fashions are a feast for the... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling De Frik Collectie

    The Frik Collection

    Ended on 12/04/2005

    Helen Frik (b. 1960) has been actively collecting her own work ever since 1996. The Gemeentemuseum now shows a wide selection of idiosyncratic... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Jacoba van Heemskerck

    Jacoba van Heemskerck

    Ended on 11/21/2005

    This autumn the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag is proud to present a major overview of the work of Jacoba van Heemskerck (1876-1923), an artist who made a... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Buitenleven Franse 19e eeuwse landschappen uit de collectie van de Triton Foundation

    The Outdoor Life Nineteenth-century French landscapes from the Triton Collection

    Ended on 10/30/2005

    We are familiar with the clichés surrounding the emergence of Impressionism. The Impressionists are believed to have broken radically with... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling De Romantiek en de Haagse School

    Romanticism and the Hague School

    Ended on 09/25/2005

    Publishing group VNU recently donated the painting River Landscape (1842) by Willem Roelofs to the Gemeentemuseum. This gift prompted the museum to... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Thinking in Glass Vaclav Cigler en zijn school

    Thinking in Glass – Contemporary glass from the Czech Republic

    Ended on 09/11/2005

    The first ever presentation of modern glass from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in any Dutch museum. Thanks to the loan of a major private... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Kees Verwey, een overzicht

    Kees Verwey

    Ended on 08/21/2005

    This summer the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag presents a major retrospective of the oeuvre of Haarlem painter Kees Verwey (1900 –1995) superintended by... more