Tentoonstellingen archief

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Birne Helene

    Birne Helene

    Sep-19-2009 until Jan-03-2010

    Holger Niehaus (b. Nordhorn, Germany, 1975) takes us to a strange world, where plants, fruit and animals congregate in serene still-lifes. Niehaus... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Vlaho Bukovac

    Vlaho Bukovac

    Sep-26-2009 until Jan-10-2010

    He was born in Cavtat, Croatia, lived in America, Paris, Zagreb and Prague, and spent extended periods in England and Vienna. Wherever talented... more

  • Cezanne Picasso Mondriaan

    Oct-17-2009 until Jan-24-2010

    Cézanne is the ‘father of modern art’. Ironically, the painter who frequently found himself turned down for the Paris salons is now regarded as one... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling De Ouborg Prijs 2009

    The Ouborg Prize 2009

    Oct-31-2009 until Feb-28-2010

    The Ouborg Prize is awarded in alternate years to a Hague artist producing work of both national and local importance. Named after Hague artist... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling De wondere wereld van de Tsjechisch-Slowaakse glaskunst

    The Wonderful World of Czechoslovakian Glass Art

    Nov-14-2009 until May-30-2010

    This exhibition will give visitors a chance to see a multitude of top works from the impressive glass collection of Sam Jonker and Valentine... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling eten en drinken

    Eating and Drinking in the Period Rooms

    Nov-14-2009 until Apr-11-2010

    Aprons from the fashion collection, a vegetable cart painted by Isaac Israels, a tea cosy designed by Piet Zwart and a chip fork photographed by... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Georges Vantongerloo

    Georges Vantongerloo

    Jan-23-2010 until May-16-2010

    Like some latter-day Leonardo da Vinci, Georges Vantongerloo focused in his work on the relationship between the human body and the cosmos. In the... more

  • Persbeeld tentoonstelling Steven Aalders

    Steven Aalders

    Jan-30-2010 until Apr-25-2010

    Light is created by means of colour against a black, white or coloured ground. Steven Aalders (b. 1959) produces paintings that are simple in form... more

  • Kandinsky and Der Blaue Reiter

    Feb-06-2010 until Jun-13-2010

    In the early 20th century, a group of artists caused a huge furore in the Munich art world. Calling themselves Der Blaue Reiter, the artists... more

  • Haute Couture: Voici Paris

    Feb-20-2010 until Jun-06-2010

    Only a handful of fashion houses belong to the select world of haute couture. Membership of the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture, which was... more