Wednesday 20 November 2013

  • Lecture: The Anatomy Lesson

    This unique exhibition showing seventeenth-century 'anatomy lesson' paintings side by side with works on similar themes by top international classic modern and contemporary artists. more

    Nov-24-2013 - 14.00 until 14.30
    €5,- p.p.
  • Lecture: Willink

    Carel Willink is regarded as the leading representative of the Magic Realism school of painting. more

    Nov-17-2013 - 14.00 until 14.30
    €5,- p.p.
  • Lecture: Chanel

    The Chanel legends tells the fascinating story of fashion- designer Coco Chanel and her celebrated fashion house. more

    Nov-03-2013 - 14.00 until 14.30
    €5,- p.p.