• Memento mori – Damien Hirst

    Now until 11/30/2014

    Damien Hirst (b.1965) is not only fascinated by death, but likes to draw on... more

    Mark Rothko

    Expected from 09/20/2014 until 03/01/2015

    From rosy pink and jubilant yellow to bright blue to sombre black – face one... more

    Romantic fashions

    Expected from 10/11/2014 until 03/22/2015

    Rustling silk, breathtaking embroidery, frills and flounces, vast crinolines.... more

  • Mondriaan & de Stijl


    Without De Stijl the homes and streets and the very cityscapes of the western world would have looked very different. And even today the group that grew up around Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg continues to inspire artists, designers and architects. more

    Discover the modern


    Experience the personal side of art with Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Francis Bacon, Constant, Louise Bourgeois and many more. more

    Delftware Wonderware


    One of the most wonderful and grandest collections of Delftware is finally on display in an atmospheric exhibition. more

  • Wonderkamers


    A new interactive display offers a fresh and entertaining introduction to fine art. more

    Asian Art and Dutch Taste

    Now until 10/26/2014

    From Balinese woodcarvings to Batavian silverware, from Indonesian krisses to... more

    Little Red Riding Hood

    Now until 09/07/2014

    Little Red Riding Hood – it’s a story we all know by heart. Generations have... more

  • Photo Stories

    Now until 09/21/2014

    Every picture tells a story. Why would a person spend his whole life... more

    Jürgen Partenheimer

    Now until 11/09/2014

    Jürgen Partenheimer (b. Munich, 1947) is one of the most striking,... more

    De Ateliers DEBUT SERIES: Alex Dordoy

    Now until 11/23/2014

    De Ateliers in Amsterdam has long enjoyed a close relationship with... more

  • Puzemuze, of op weg naar Rothko

    Expected from 09/20/2014 until 03/22/2015

    From bright blue and jubilant yellow to rosy pink and sombre black: the works... more

  • Preview of collection item 'Onderdelen studeerkamer voor Alfred Polak'
  • Preview of collection item 'Jurk van doorschijnende ongebleekte katoen bedrukt met horizontalen en verticalen in zwart, met sjaal'
  • Preview of collection item 'Avond; De rode boom'
  • Preview of collection item 'De netten van Pourville'
  • Preview of collection item 'Souvenir de Haarlem'
  • Preview of collection item 'Oranje slaapkamerameublement'
  • Preview of collection item 'Tanzakt'
  • Preview of collection item 'Drei Mädchen mit gelben Strohhüten I'
  • Preview of collection item 'Meisje met kind'
  • Preview of collection item 'Schapen op een dijk'